Do you Baja 1000?? If so, why not share the reason on what drives you to do so! 50some days before one of the hardest off-road races on this planet we like to know! We are not so ignorant to believe that we get 1000 reasons from the participants – motorcycle racers, off-road race car drivers or their co-pilots. The whole starter field for the 2010 Baja 1000 peninsula run might be somewhere in the 300- or 400-hundred participants. But there are also tons of hard-core off-road fans, race-pilot friends and family members, chase crew members, supporting sponsors that are part of this motor-sport phenomena. The Baja 1000 is unique and so are the folks involved. We dare you all to participate in our “survey”. Just mail your reason by clicking the link to

We created a page here and will post your comment (with your name or not, you let us know). We will update every 36 hours. 10 days before the race we make a poll for all visitors to decide which one is the best. The winner get’s a small gift from us IF he comes to La Paz with the race. A Pacifico branded galvanized bucket full of Pacifico Beer Bottles in ice. The locals call that a “Cubeta”. (You keep the bucket lol) if you a nice person we help you drinking it and refill a few times…..   
And sorry it’s such a small present, if we get Grupo Modelo to sponsor us we make it more…..

Make it fun, keep it clean, be creative!! We not mind some wicked humor if it has to be. Keep in mind the rating for the best Baja 1000 reason will be done by the website visitors, not us.
Looking forward to the reply’s – after all: there is NO reason why you should not try to get a free bucket full of beer when arriving in La Paz