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First in class and first overall Vildosola after race quote

posted Nov 19, 2012, 8:51 AM by Score BajaOneThousand   [ updated Nov 20, 2012, 4:50 PM ]
Gus Vildosola, No. 21 (First in class and first overall four-wheel vehicle to finish. Gus Vildosola, Jr. drove start to mile 618. Vildosola, Sr. drove to mile 785. Vildosola Jr. drove to the finish.) Tavo (Vildosola Jr.) started the race in 25th position and that was a hell of a job because trying to get past all these Trophy Trucks is just almost impossible. These guys did it. I'd like to really congratulate them. They did a job second to none. My part was a small section in the center of the peninsula. My job was to keep it together and get it to them in the same position they gave it to me and they did the rest. They do a fantastic job. This was a much, much stronger battle than 2010. In 2010 we started second and took the lead right after San Felipe, but this one was a little more difficult. We had to drive really hard starting from 25th.

CO-DRIVER GUS VILDOSOLA, JR. said: It was tough going at the beginning and there were a lot of trucks in front of us. Getting around them was a little difficult but our plan was to be in 10th place by Puertecitos. We were actually in 10th place at the goat trail. We decided to take it easy from there on down and try to conserve the SCORE Trophy Truck through San Felipe. This is a new (driver's) suit that I put on at race mile 785 and it looks like it went 1000 miles. We went through the first 618 miles and I got out at San Ignacio.

It was just a hell of a race and I'm extremely proud of our guys and extremely proud of (co-pilot) Javi (Valenzuela.) We come down here and say that we represent Mexico and we went out and won another one for Mexico. We lost three or four minutes with a flat. We were behind B.J. (Baldwin) at that time and (Ryan) Arciero was behind us. I thought I lost it (the race) there because I was pushing hard to catch B.J. and we got the flat and all of a sudden at about race mile 1000 we saw him (Baldwin), so we chased after him and passed him.

We got some clean air after that, which was nice. I'm in love with the new SCORE Trophy Truck. It is amazing and we drove by everyone today. We actually spent some time looking at some video of the start from the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 from 2011 in preparation. I drove really hard at the start (of the 2011 Tecate SCORE Baja 500) and it didn't get me anywhere.

At the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in 2010 I drove extremely smart and went really hard when I could and I just laid back when there was no visibility. I did the same thing this time and it ended up working out for us. We passed about five trucks before Ojos Negros and we were 10th place. By Puertecitos we were running in the top seven. We just had a good, smart race. There has been a noise coming from the truck for the last 400 miles and I was praying to get to the finish line.
I've been babying the Trophy Truck for the last 100 miles.

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